Thursday, July 8, 2010

What NOT to do on a first date (Men's Best)

We all have phobias. There is fear of flying, deep water, heights, and clowns. People cringe about speaking in public. Well, what about first dates?

If you are among the general public who has gone on a first date, you know that it can be extremely nerve wracking or unbearable. Of course that depends on whom you are with and what actually occurs during this time. In fact, it might even actually go well. And date number one could eventually lead to date number two.

So before you put on that shiny number or spray yourself with another dash of that musky cologne, keep in mind that there are certain rules to follow. Sure, you’re probably running ideas through your head of how to impress, but don’t forget about the things that you should avoid.

Don’t Be Late

This goes for both of you. There is nothing worse than being late, especially when meeting someone for the first time. If you are certain that you may run behind, have the decency to call your date and let them know. First dates can be compared to job interviews. Think of your date as your potential interviewer and remember that first impressions count. If you’re late, well, hopefully your date isn’t more time-conscious than you are.

Don’t Talk About Your Ex

We all know that it takes a good while to get over our ex-loves. And going out for the first time since the breakup might be the perfect solution to this problem. But once you are sitting face-to-face with someone you barely know, why would you open up this can of worms? First dates have the potential of eventually turning into something worthwhile and talking about our pasts really spoils the mood. To save yourself from embarrassment (breaking down and crying), disinterest, or the end of your dinner, it would be best to ignore this horrible topic of conversation.

Don’t Text During Dinner

Texting has become the new telephone call. We all text nowadays because it is so convenient for quick little conversations with our friends. However, when your date tries to woo you and you don’t notice because you’re typing “OMG” and “LOL” to your best friend, how do you think that makes the other one feel? That’s right, like chopped liver.

Don’t Forget Your Wallet

Ladies, it’s easy and wonderful to assume that he would pay, right? But what if he doesn’t? We do live in a modern world, and as most people know, times are hard. So be prepared by bringing a little extra cash. That’ll save any potential situation that might arise.

So have fun, flirt a little and enjoy your time out. But don’t forget to follow these tips to ensure a good time!

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