Thursday, July 8, 2010

How To Know If She Is Interested (Men's Best)

You see her from a distance. Her hair cascades past her shoulders and she is just the perfect height. She walks ever so slightly toward you and brushes by with a quick glance over her shoulder. Was that on purpose?

Hold on there, fella. Before you go for the plunge and ask her out to dinner, how can you be sure that she is really that into you? Let’s look at the signs and figure this out.

1.She Makes Sure to Say Hello to You Everyday
Did she have you at hello? As lame as that sounds, making sure that you are greeted each and every day is a sure sign that she is interested in you. It is a sign that acknowledging your existence is a priority and that she never forgets that you are around.

2.She Includes You in Her Plans
You might be sitting at your cubicle (if you work together) around lunchtime, minding your own business as you watch the paint dry. You hear that oh-so-familiar laugh of hers as she converses with the people in the next row. If you suddenly get tapped on the shoulder and you turn around to a lunch invitation with her and the gang, then that is a definite good sign.

3.She Touches Your Arm While You Talk to One Another
As slight as it may be, there is nothing like her touching your arm whenever she responds to something that you just said. This contact could be a sign of flirting or her way of saying, “ask me out already.”

4.Suddenly, She’s Into Baseball Too
You might have mentioned a couple times that you play baseball on the weekends or show up on Casual Friday with a cap on. Regardless, she’s taken notice and surprises you one day with a question about the doubleheader over the weekend. If she is suddenly taking interest in something that you are into, she is most likely interested in you, too.

5.She Dresses Up and Makes Sure That You Notice
You already think that she’s beautiful, but what if one day you notice that she’s wearing something new? If she changed her hair a bit or walks by sassily in a new pair of jeans, it probably means that she wants you to notice. Women love to get complimented on the way they look and if she passes by you a number of times or asks you if you like her new haircut, then she probably did it for you.

So gentlemen, take notice and pay attention. Women know what they want, and what they want may be you.

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