Saturday, September 11, 2010

waiting a Boaz (soulmate)

Just read a book of “ A Man worth waiting for”
1. A boaz respects you
In the third chapter of this love story, Ruth approached Boaz with the request that he become her kinsman-redeemer. This was not the bold move of an impatient single woman. This was a request guided by Naomi, who understood the legal obligations of family based on Deuteronomy 25:5-10.
Boaz was surprised and pleased by Ruth’s request. His godly character and respect show in his reply to her request : “the Lord bless you, my daugehter… I will do for you all you ask” (Ruth 3:10-11)
In short, this exchange tells us that if a man won’t speak and act respectfully toward you, he’s a Bozo.

2. A Boaz respects the Law
Boaz obeyed the law God gave in Deuteronomy. He didn’t grab what wasn’t his, he wasn’t sneaky. Instead he openly respected the law and his relative. And he won the bride!

3. A Boaz will handle your “baggage” with care
Boaz as the kinsman-redeemer was not only willing to buy the land that had belonged to Ruth’s dead husband, but he was also willing to honor the name of the dead husband when he married Ruth. The cost, financially and emotionally, did not cause Boaz to hesitate, Ruth 4 reveals that another relative was a close kinsman. But this relative was not willing to accept the “baggage” that came with marrying Ruth-therefore, Boaz was granted the privilege of being Ruth’s Kinsman-redeemer.
Remember, Ruth was a moabitess, a member of Israel’s enemy tribe. Boaz enthusiastically married a woman from the wrong side of the tracks who had financial and emotional needs.
Of course, all women bring needs into a marriage. When it comes to God’s best for a woman, it involves so much more than just a great guy. A man worth waiting for is a man who can handle your particular baggage.
For example, my Boaz had to handle the “ baggage” I brought to our marriage : the impact of a very dysfunctional family and sexual abuse. Not just any man could handle such heave “ luggage”. God knew the man who had enough faith to patiently love me while Jesus and I sorted through my past emotional and physical wounds.
Boaz was a symbol of Jesus as our ultimate Kinsman-Redeemer, who brought us back from the enemy of our souls.
Jesus like a Boaz, can handle the baggage of our lives and He alone knows the best man to handle all of our wounds without becoming bitter or resentful.
4. A Boaz notices more than just beauty
We see that boaz noticed Ruth among all the harvesters and those who gleaned after the harvesters. We don’t know how many people that entailed, but we know she stood out. The bible tells us she was known for more than her looks; remember how he said, “all my fellow townsmen know that you are a woman of noble character” (Ruth 3:11)?
When one boaz, a guy named Ben, first noticed an attractive single girl they were sitting at their local singles’ meeting.
He saw that she was nodding as they listened to a great speaker. This boaz said to his roommates who were at the bible study with him.
“I bet that girl is a P-31 (code for a Proverbs 31 woman)” and they asked “how can you tell?” He replied “I have noticed that she nods when the speakers makes some deeper remarks. Her nods showed she was tracking with him and really hungry for the truth. “Later, he discovered that this P-31 woman’s name was, ironically, Ruth.
During their first lengthy phone call, they told each other their life stories. As Ruth was sharing what she does and her passion to teach young people to choose the best by staying pure sexually. Ben realized that he needed to share with Ruth about his mom’s ministry. So, in the middle of the conversation, Ben blurted out “ you need to meet my mom! You have the same vision and passion.”
Ben recognized the heart of his own mom in a young woman. Consequently. I met Ruth and she ended up with me in a speaking ministry with Virtuous Reality. A modern Ruth was discovered by the son of a woman who wrote a book about Ruth ( Lady in waiting )! Ruth had never read my book, which totally shocked Ben, because Ruth lived the very principles that I wrote about.
A woman declares her heart even through a simple nod during a bible study. She also declares her heart when she shares what she is passionate about. To a boaz, a passionate heart is captivating in the way that a low-cut blouse is captivating to a Bozo! Boazes look for more than looks.
A side note: Most people are aware of the chapter in proverbs that describes the ideal womamn-the one my son referred to the chapter says, “ a wife of noble character wo can find? She is worth far more than rubies” (Prov 31:10). When I Started thinking about the ideal husband/man. I thought the description should start this way : “who can find a virtuous man? His price is far above diamonds!”
The Word of God has one chapter describing the virtuous woman- Proverbs 31- but I wonder if the preceding thirty
Chapters of proverbs do not describe the virtuous man. We could call the man worth waiting for a “proverbs 1-30 man.
Let’s look at him more closely next.

Discussion questions

1. How did you feel as you read Ruth’s story? How did you feel when you “met” boaz for the 1st time ? how does their story affect you today ?
2. What are your favorite qualities that a Boaz would embody?
3. Discuss the idea of a man’s handling a woman’s “baggage”. Is this an unrealistic expectation? Do you have any baggage ?
4. List a few verses from Proverbs that describe and ideal man
5. what encourages you to hold out for a Boaz?

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